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North Carolina men arrested in drug trafficking investigation

The legalization of drugs like marijuana is a highly debated topic throughout many states including North Carolina. With some states now legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, the controversy seems to be on the increase. Charges of drug trafficking, manufacturing of drugs and intent to sell drugs are all serious federal offenses. The recent discovery of a manufacturing operation for marijuana has led to the arrest of two North Carolina men.

The first man to be arrested for this operation is being charged with numerous felonies and his secure bond was set at $150,000. The most recent arrest involved a 40-year-old man whose bond was set at $75,000. His charges include conspiring to traffic marijuana and opium. He is also being charged for possession of marijuana and the intent to sell marijuana along with two other prescription drugs.

The authorities searched the suspected location with a warrant and found an elaborate operation that included underground rooms where the marijuana was being manufactured. In addition to the discovery of this system, officials found marijuana plants, additional prescription drugs, firearms, U.S. currency, drug paraphernalia and materials used for cockfighting. The investigation of this illegal operation will continue as officials look to find other individuals who may have been involved.

The charges in the arrest of the 40-year-old suspect are extremely serious. If convicted of drug trafficking, the man could potentially be facing a significant amount of jail time. By better understanding all of the rights available to him, this man could significantly increase his odds of receiving a lesser level of punishment than what he is currently facing. Options are sometimes available to North Carolina residents that could reduce or even eliminate jail time.

Source: thepilot.com, Second Man Arrested in Connection with Large Marijuana Growing Operation, No author, Jan. 28, 2014

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