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Man arrested for possible federal drug charges in North Carolina

Drug charges are very serious and can have a detrimental impact on a person's life. Federal drug charges may be even worse than being charged by a particular state. Police recently arrested a man in accordance with a search warrant that was issued on the man's residence in North Carolina.

The man was allegedly part of a significantly sophisticated drug manufacturing ring that is currently being investigated. Police allegedly seized a large amount of illegal items from the man's house. They apparently reported finding over 820 marijuana plants along with multiple controlled substances and assault rifles. The amount of marijuana found would have totaled almost 175 pounds of distributive product.

The police also apparently found over 1,500 doses of Roxicodone and Lorcet pills as well as opium that was allegedly intended for distribution. All of the equipment was supposedly found in the man's underground portion of the residence and totaled around $515 thousand in value. The man who was arrested now faces a felony manufacturing charge and possession of multiple controlled substances with the intent to distribute or sell, which is also a felony charge. Along with those charges, the man was also charged with other drug-related possession and trafficking charges.

With the large number of charges that the man is now facing, it may be wise of him to obtain some sort of criminal defense representation to assist him. No one arrested in the state of North Carolina is guilty before being proved as such, regardless of whether it is for state or federal drug charges. The defense team will more than likely know how to best help the man through these charges.

Source: thepilot.com, Man Arrested After Police Break Up Marijuana Manufacturing Operation, No author, Jan. 17, 2014

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