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North Carolina criminal law: Armed robbery suspect arrested

Using a firearm in the commission of a crime always maximizes the punishment and minimizes the room for negotiations with the government. In a North Carolina robbery on January 2, 2013, a man demanded pills from a pharmacy in Boone under threat of a gun. He fled the scene and police identified an alleged perpetrator during their investigation. They found the 20-year-old man from Deep Gap and arrested him on Sept. 26 on criminal law violations of felonious robbery with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor failure to appear.

During the investigation, police say that forensic evidence was discovered that linked this man to the robbery. However, they've not revealed the nature of the evidence. An arrest warrant against him was obtained on Sept. 18. He was eventually tracked down and allegedly found hiding in a Boone residence underneath a pile of clothing in a closet.

Police announced that the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations analyzed material sent to them by Boone Police to link the man to the crime. They indicated that they couldn't prove the crime without the forensic results from the state lab. They are investigating other similar crimes in which the man may be charged in the near future, a Boone police spokesman stated. The accused is also charged with the theft of firearms in two other incidents.

His North Carolina criminal defense counsel will first go over all of the alleged criminal law violations in detail with the accused. If the accused admits to the accusations and has no valid defenses, early plea negotiations will likely be started. In reality, because a drug problem may likely be behind the suspect's alleged actions, defense counsel may emphasize that problem in negotiations and at sentencing. In an ideal world, a suspect struggling with a drug problem would receive a sentence focused on treatment and attempting to return the individual to a non-criminal life. However, that result is even harder to obtain when the alleged use of firearms is involved during the commission of the crimes.

Source: High Country Press, Boone Police Officers, Watauga Sheriff???s Deputies Arrest Suspect for Nearly Year-Old Rite Aid Robbery, No author, Sept 26, 2013

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