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North Carolina laws changing for those charged with a crime?

Most of our North Carolina readers likely know that even a small disagreement can escalate to the point of being out of hand. Unfortunately, many domestic violence cases erupt between spouses or family members. The fact that these cases are emotionally charged may only serve to make them more traumatic for those involved. Recently, reports have indicated that the laws in our state may be about to add an additional penalty for anyone charged with a crime such as domestic violence and subsequently convicted in criminal court.

According to reports, the law may be about to change in a big way for people who have been charged with domestic violence. A GPS tracking device may be added to the already hefty list of potential penalties that follow a domestic violence conviction. Legislators are considering a new bill, based on a victim who was fatally stabbed by her estranged husband in 2009.

The proposal would give judges the discretion to court order GPS tracking devices for individuals convicted of domestic violence. The GPS devices included in the bill are monitored, and will alert law enforcement and the alleged victim if the wearer comes within a specific distance of the alleged victim's home or place of employment. North Carolina's Senate is scheduled to hear the bill soon. The House voted unanimously in favor of the bill.

North Carolina laws are already a challenge to face for those charged with a crime. Especially in cases such as domestic violence, the repercussions of a conviction can severely damage an individual's ability to pursue professional, educational or social activities. Fortunately, anyone in our state who is accused of a crime maintains the right to defend themselves before a court of law. A well-grounded defense may be the best key to obtaining the best outcome possible, and avoiding life-changing consequences.

Source: wral.com, "NC domestic violence offenders could face GPS," May 14, 2013

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