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Self defense? North Carolina couple charged with a crime

When a resident of North Carolina is attacked, he or she has the right to defend themselves. However, there are limits to the actions that can be lawfully taken to do so, and the order of events leading to the need for self defense can have an impact on the legal protections available. One North Carolina couple will test those limits after being charged with a crime in connection to a road rage incident.

The altercation took place on a recent Sunday afternoon in La Grange, North Carolina. Police believe that one driver cut off another, leading the offended driver to confront the other as to why he was run off the road. That confrontation led to a fight between both drivers and a passenger in the truck.

The man's wife exited their vehicle and brought a gun to her husband. Investigators claim that the driver fired multiple shots into the pickup truck. No one was seriously injured in the incident. However, the man and his wife were arrested and charged with multiple offenses.

The man is facing charges of assault by pointing a gun, discharging a weapon into occupied property, assault and battery, injury to personal property and going armed to the terror of the public. His wife is charged with assault by pointing a gun. These are serious charges, and require a fast and aggressive legal response.

As they prepare for their hearings on these matters, this North Carolina couple will likely work to prove that their actions were conducted in self defense. Much of the altercation was captured on video by a passenger on the pickup truck, and that footage may come into play. The order of events will likely become central to the case. This case demonstrates the ease with which a common altercation between parties can quickly escalate into one or more participants being charged with a crime, and in need of criminal defense.

Source: Crimesider.com, "VIDEO: N.C. couple charged in violent road rage incident," March 26, 2013

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