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Greensboro NC Criminal Defense Law Blog

Conviction for assault on a female to be appealed by Greg Hardy

In North Carolina, misdemeanors are generally heard before a district court judge who then makes a ruling and passes a sentence. If the person is found guilty, he or she may appeal the ruling and request the case to be heard in Superior Court in a trial by jury. This appeal preserves an individual's constitutional right to a trial by jury. Representatives for NFL defensive end Greg Hardy reported that such an appeal will be filed on Hardy's account with regard to his recent conviction and sentence in district court for assault on a female.

The judge presiding over the case sentenced Hardy to a suspended sentence of 60 days and probation for 18 months. While the matter is on appeal, Hardy is free to travel with his team -- the Carolina Panthers -- since the sentence does not apply until the appeal is resolved. However, that does not preclude the NFL imposing its own penalties on Hardy under its personal-conduct policy.

NFL player arrested for DWI in North Carolina

It can be easy to forget that people in the public eye such as celebrities, politicians and sports figures have personal issues of their own. Sometimes, those issues spill out into the media. For instance, NFL player Josh Gordon was recently charged with DWI here in North Carolina.

The charge stems from a recent traffic stop initiated by police at around 4 a.m. Not only was Gordon accused of driving while impaired, but he was also issued a citation for speeding. According to the arresting officer, he was driving 50 mph in an area where the speed limit was only 35 mph.

Was woman's disappearance the result of domestic violence?

Some time ago, a teacher from North Carolina disappeared. Recently, a body was found that may be that of the missing woman. Now, law enforcement officials believe she may have been the victim of domestic violence.

The woman's boyfriend was said to be the last person to see her alive. He told police that his girlfriend was drinking the day she vanished. The two of them argued, and she left. He says that was the last time he saw her.

July 4th revelers could end up facing a DWI charge

Summertime is in full swing, and the nation's anniversary is coming up. Many North Carolina residents will take part in Fourth of July celebrations, which could include the consumption of alcohol. If partygoers are not careful, they could end up facing DWI charges.

Law enforcement agencies in North Carolina teamed up to begin a week-long effort to curb drinking and driving. From June 27 through July 6, officers will be out in force making traffic stops in order to find motorists suspected of driving under the influence. In addition to extra patrols, law enforcement will be using other means as well, but the Department of Transportation was not specific as to what those additional measures might be.

Was homicide conviction based on faulty identification?

A university professor has spent a good portion of his career consulting on and writing about the dangers of eyewitness identifications. To date, he has served as an expert witness on the topic in no fewer than 150 cases. Recently, he lent his expertise to the case of a North Carolina man convicted of homicide back in the 1970s.

The professor believes the man was convicted because of a faulty identification by an eyewitness. At the time the crime was committed, the convicted man was placed in a lineup with five other men. He was wearing a coat popular in the 1970s, which was three-quarter length, but none of the other lineup participants were wearing such a coat.

Did a history of alleged domestic violence lead to murder?

In January of this year, a North Carolina man and his wife divorced. Recently, his ex-wife was found dead between two houses in a residential neighborhood. Due to a history of domestic violence calls, police began looking for the man. He was later located and arrested in connection with his ex-wife's death. However, just because he has been arrested, doesn't automatically mean he is guilty of the accusations.

A 911 call was made regarding the woman's body. As police canvassed the neighborhood looking for witnesses, they discovered that one person heard screams coming from a woman that morning. Anything else law enforcement discovered was not reported.

Woman charged with DWI after North Carolina accident

Recently, a woman driving on a North Carolina road somehow lost control of her vehicle on a curve. When that happened, the car ended up in oncoming traffic and an accident occurred. As a result, the woman is now facing DWI and other charges.

When the car drifted into the opposing lane of traffic, it crossed the path of two motorcycles. The motorcycle riders attempted to get out of the way and even laid down their motorcycles, but it was too late. Despite their efforts, the car hit both of the motorcycles and one of the riders.

Alleged domestic assault ends in charges for North Carolina teen

A 17-year-old girl required brain surgery after her 18-year-old boyfriend allegedly beat her. Supposedly, the domestic assault began after the girl made some sarcastic remarks to her boyfriend about him not being able to untangle some fishing line, according to a witness. That same witness claims to have overheard the attack -- which began indoors -- and to have seen the teen drag the girl across the front yard of his parents' North Carolina home.

Reportedly, more than one person witnessed the teenage girl being dragged into the front yard. It is unclear who actually called 911 to report the incident. When emergency personnel arrived at the scene, the girl was still lying in the yard.

4 people face drug possession, other charges in recent raid

Law enforcement officials with the Department of Public Safety in North Carolina conducted a raid on a home during the night recently. Police took four people into custody. They were charged with possession of drugs, the illegal sale of alcohol and other charges.

Law enforcement from seven different agencies took part in the raid. The home was under surveillance for several months, apparently after residents in the area filed complaints with the police. Supposedly, the residents of the home were selling alcoholic beverages to minors and running a nightclub.

North Carolina man says sister was victim of domestic assault

In Dec. 2012, a North Carolina man supposedly told his pastor that he and his five brothers routinely sexually abused their sister. After his discussion with the pastor, the man reported the alleged domestic assault to authorities. This would initiate an investigation that would cross state lines and result in the arrest of eight family members.

When the other brothers were questioned, two of them reportedly confirmed what the other brother had told police. Further investigation was needed, however, in order to substantiate making any arrests. Authorities asked on more than one occasion to speak to the men's sister, but the girl’s parents denied those requests.

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