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Greensboro NC Criminal Defense Law Blog

State drug charges filed after traffic stop in North Carolina

Several North Carolina agencies were involved in a drug investigation that recently led to the arrest of four people and the issuance of arrest warrants for a fifth person. The four individuals were arrested on state drug charges after a traffic stop on U.S. 421. Law enforcement officials initiated the stop pursuant to a search warrant.

Officers claim they found prescription medications, cocaine and marijuana when the search was conducted. The search of the vehicle, in turn, led officers to a North Carolina home. Pursuant to a separate search warrant for the residence, authorities claim to have found more drugs.

North Carolina woman sentenced for DWI and death of soldier

On Dec. 8, 2012, a 20-year-old soldier stationed in North Carolina was returning to his barracks when he was run down by a car and killed. Evidence at the scene indicated the driver that hit him did not attempt to slow down or stop, either before or after the incident. Later, a vehicle encountered by law enforcement authorities at a DWI checkpoint approximately 1.4 miles from the scene appeared to have been involved in an accident.

The driver of the vehicle, a woman, had a blood alcohol level of .25 percent. When officers observed damage to the front end of her vehicle, she admitted that she might have struck something. It was determined that she was traveling at approximately 75 mph at the time of the accident. The posted speed limit for the area was 50 mph. The soldier had a reflective strip on his jacket, and the street was lit in the area in which he was walking.

Man extradited to North Carolina in connection with homicide

On the morning of Feb. 23, law enforcement officials were called to a North Carolina home. When they arrived, they discovered a deceased man inside the residence. An investigation into the man's death led officials to believe the man's death was a homicide.

At that point, a search for the suspected killer commenced. No details regarding the investigation were revealed, but officials say their search led to the man believed to have killed the deceased man back in February. It took some time for the suspected man to be located because he was no longer in North Carolina.

Instance of domestic violence turns deadly in North Carolina

A North Carolina woman is in police custody after her boyfriend ultimately died from a stab wound that police say was received in the home of the woman's cousin. This instance of alleged domestic violence occurred sometime around 1 p.m. on March 19. At that time, the police were dispatched to the location after 911 operators received a hang-up call from the location.

When police officers arrived, they found a man stabbed once in the chest. He was transported to a local hospital where he was interviewed by police. He was then taken to another hospital by helicopter. It was there that he passed away.

Man convicted of domestic violence offense may face murder charge

May 2012 forever changed the life of a North Carolina girl. It was then that her stepfather violently shoved her head through a wall. Earlier this year, he was sentenced to a prison between eight and 10 years for felony child abuse. Now, it appears that domestic violence offense may be upgraded to murder since the little girl passed away, presumably as a result of the injury cause by the now convicted man.

The coroner has not yet confirmed whether her prior injury was the cause of death. Therefore, no decision regarding an upgrade in the charges has been made as of yet. Prosecutors liken a new charge to upgrading an assault charge to murder if a victim dies before the case goes to trial. However, in this case, the accused has already been convicted.

North Carolina State player's misdemeanor charges dropped

Back in December of last year, police went to the apartment of North Carolina State running back, Shadrach Thornton, to follow up on a report of an alleged sexual battery. Detectives claimed to smell marijuana coming from the apartment when they knocked on the door. As a result, Thornton faced misdemeanor charges for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Thornton is one of four people who lived in the apartment at the time of his arrest. Police claim they came across marijuana cigarettes and some loose marijuana in his bedroom. The detectives allegedly found additional marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the apartment's common areas. Two of Thornton's roommates, including the one who allowed police access to the apartment, were not charged.

Homicide charges filed in death of man in North Carolina

On the evening of Feb. 24, a man showed up at a North Carolina emergency room with an unspecified number of gunshot wounds. Despite the efforts of medical personnel, the man succumbed to his injuries. Three men were arrested and face homicide and armed robbery charges in connection with this man's death.

Police responded to a call in a Charlotte neighborhood where shots were fired. When officers arrived, they found one person who was assaulted and shell casings. The assault victim received treatment at the scene from emergency medical personnel and is expected to recover. The other victim was no longer at the scene. It was not until later that police discovered the man was at the hospital.

4 accused of white collar crime: Altering court records

Four North Carolina residents, two bail bondsmen and two court clerks, have recently been accused of committing crimes. The four, all from Wake County, are accused of withholding nearly $1 million in bail money and using it for themselves. They each face charges pertaining to this alleged white collar crime.

The State Bureau of Investigation began an inquiry about six months ago, and the authorities hypothesize that the alleged scheme has been ongoing for approximately five years. The Bureau was contacted because there were supposedly discrepancies between paper documents and the records that were on the computer. The authorities found approximately 300 altered cases.

North Carolina woman charged with homicide after accident

An accident that killed a 75-year-old woman has resulted in criminal charges. A 45-year-old North Carolina woman has been charged with homicide in relation to the accident. She was accused of driving under the influence and texting while driving.

Reportedly, the accident unfolded when an elderly woman was apparently walking to a neighbor's house. The driver of an SUV veered off the road and struck several items, including a utility pole, mailbox and the woman. The woman was left laying in the middle of the lawn. Medical personnel arrived at the scene and transported the woman to a hospital for treatment, but she tragically succumbed to her injuries.

Police accuse 5 of drug charge of selling illegal drugs

Undercover drug agents in Wyoming County got a good workout over the summer of 2013. Five people were arrested recently for allegedly selling drugs during separate instances to undercover agents in that county this past summer. A drug charge that alleges sales in North Carolina is usually a felony that may require incarceration in a state prison.

From the defense point of view, direct sales to undercover agents are difficult charges to contradict or attack. If the undercover agents are actual police officers that makes it all the more difficult. Where so-called undercover agents are actually street criminals recruited to assist the police, the chance of challenging the testimony and/or attacking the witness' credibility is more feasible.

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