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Greensboro NC Criminal Defense Law Blog

North Carolina woman facing drug charges after search

On Sept. 9, police took a woman with a history of drug convictions into custody on drug charges. Officials accused the 52-year-old woman of possessing both marijuana and cocaine after Salisbury police executed a search warrant at the woman's residence at approximately 9 a.m.

Besides the controlled substances, members of the Salisbury Police Department narcotics team allegedly found digital scales. As a result, the 52-year-old woman is facing charges of felony possession with intent to manufacture a schedule IV substance, felony possession of a controlled substance schedule IV and felony possession of a controlled substance schedule II. Officials also charged her with several misdemeanors.

Domestic violence and protective orders in North Carolina

A North Carolina court may issue a protective order in any case with a finding of domestic violence. Such a finding may result if assault, threats or certain other behaviors are alleged by a spouse, former spouse or a person who shares a residence like a spouse with the alleged perpetrator. The protective order may include any sort of relief that the court believes necessary, including a temporary child custody order.

Protective orders are governed by North Carolina General Statues ยง 50B-3. They commonly include a prohibition against repeat offenses and a counseling requirement as well as prohibitions of threatening or harassing behavior, whether by telephone, in person or otherwise. They may include an eviction order or award temporary custody of children and grant possession of the residence to the aggrieved party. Protective orders may initially run for a period of up to one year. Compliance with the terms of the order generally increases the likelihood that it will not be renewed.

North Carolina tattoo shop owner accused of drug trafficking

A North Carolina man was taken into custody and was charged with drug-related offenses on Aug. 29. According to the report, the 47-year-old man was accused of being in possession of marijuana, cocaine and other drugs after the authorities executed a search warrant at his Roanoke Rapids tattoo shop.

The authorities claimed that they seized 20 bags of cocaine, approximately 40 grams of marijuana and a number of prescription medications that included hydrocodone, alprazolam, oxycodone and Xanax, among others. Additionally, police claimed that they seized drug paraphernalia, drug packaging materials and more than $3,000 in cash.

Third man believed to be involved in shooting charged

A third person who was believed to be involved in a North Carolina shooting was taken into police custody on Aug. 19. According to the report, the man was charged with accessory after it was believed he was involved with an attempted murder at the Fountainbleau Inn on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach on May 24. Authorities believed that the shooting was related to drugs.

The man, age 24, was reportedly taken into custody after police reportedly found him around Guilford College Road in Greensboro. The authorities stated that he had a stolen handgun and ammunition on his person when he was taken into custody. His bail was set at $266,000, though it was not clear if he had posted bail or was still in custody when the report was released.

Police officer and his wife accused of sex offenses

A woman in North Carolina recently came forward to accuse a police officer and his wife of sexually abusing her when she was a child. However, this is not the first time the woman has made these claims. Back in 2009, she had also gone to police claiming the couple was guilty of sex offenses against her when she was a child.

At that time, she ultimately refused to cooperate with police. Without her statement, police had no reason to pursue the investigation. The woman, who is somehow related to the couple, claims that both her family and members of her church dissuaded her from pursuing the charges. For some reason, she now seems willing to cooperate with authorities.

A North Carolina university police chief arrested for DWI

The man now serving as the chief of police at North Carolina Central University was recently stopped at a driver's license checkpoint. The law enforcement agency running the checkpoint claims in its arrest warrant that they could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle. On further contact with the driver, officers suspected the man of DWI.

Officers also reported that the man's eyes were red and glassy. Based on the officer's observations, he was given a field sobriety test, on which he allegedly did poorly. He was then transported to a station where additional testing was performed. The department says that his blood alcohol level was .09 at that time.

Neighbor arrested for the homicide of North Carolina woman

Back in June, a North Carolina school counselor was murdered in her apartment. After several weeks of investigating the homicide, local police began to focus on another person living in the same apartment complex. The 24-year-old man was recently in court for the first time in connection with the woman's death.

Authorities admit that it does not appear that the deceased woman and the man in custody had any relationship or connection to each other. Even so, a search warrant was obtained for the man's apartment at the end of July. Police claim they found items in the man's apartment that prove he had had contact with the victim. Items included pictures he took of himself that show some scratches on the his face and a shoe box containing some hair in the closet.

2 arrests made in North Carolina professor's homicide

By all accounts, the recent death of a University of North Carolina professor is a great loss to the university and to those who knew him. The professor was not only an instructor but also a cancer researcher. His death is considered a homicide, and two men were taken into custody.

Police believe that the killing was motivated by robbery. The victim was beaten severely and left for dead. He was still alive when he was found but succumbed to his injuries some time later. The two men in custody were arrested based on the fact that they allegedly match descriptions provided to police by a person in the area who happened to pass by, saw the two men and thought they looked suspicious.

Conviction for assault on a female to be appealed by Greg Hardy

In North Carolina, misdemeanors are generally heard before a district court judge who then makes a ruling and passes a sentence. If the person is found guilty, he or she may appeal the ruling and request the case to be heard in Superior Court in a trial by jury. This appeal preserves an individual's constitutional right to a trial by jury. Representatives for NFL defensive end Greg Hardy reported that such an appeal will be filed on Hardy's account with regard to his recent conviction and sentence in district court for assault on a female.

The judge presiding over the case sentenced Hardy to a suspended sentence of 60 days and probation for 18 months. While the matter is on appeal, Hardy is free to travel with his team -- the Carolina Panthers -- since the sentence does not apply until the appeal is resolved. However, that does not preclude the NFL imposing its own penalties on Hardy under its personal-conduct policy.

NFL player arrested for DWI in North Carolina

It can be easy to forget that people in the public eye such as celebrities, politicians and sports figures have personal issues of their own. Sometimes, those issues spill out into the media. For instance, NFL player Josh Gordon was recently charged with DWI here in North Carolina.

The charge stems from a recent traffic stop initiated by police at around 4 a.m. Not only was Gordon accused of driving while impaired, but he was also issued a citation for speeding. According to the arresting officer, he was driving 50 mph in an area where the speed limit was only 35 mph.

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